Stakeholder engagement critical to effective materiality assessments

Materiality Assessment

If you want a sustainability strategy that creates business value and maximises sustainability impact, engage with stakeholders during your materiality assessment.

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Under the Hood with ReGen's Mark Ravi

Mark Ravi

From pioneering the sport of ninja in Australia to shaping a vibrant atmosphere at ReGen, Mark Ravi is determined to leave the world a better place. Learn more about what drives Mark in the grand finale of Under the Hood.

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Dutton missteps on critical minerals production tax credits

Production tax credits

Despite what Mr Dutton says, taxpayer funds are regularly used to support strategic industries in the national interest.

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A Future Made in Australia

A Future Made in Australia

The federal budget backs in Australian industry to secure the immense opportunities of the clean energy transition and the global journey to net zero.

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Taking the whales out of offshore wind

Offshore wind

To counter disinformation about offshore wind, government agencies and project proponents need to work harder to bring local communities on the journey.

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WA State Budget: 2024-25

State Budget

The Cook Government’s first budget delivered big investments in cost-of living relief, health, housing, education and domestic violence prevention, as well as setting WA’s economy up for the future.

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Under the Hood with ReGen's Libby Lyons

Libby Lyons

With a grandfather who was Australia’s Prime Minister and a grandmother who was Australia’s first female elected to the House of Representatives in the Federal Parliament, it was only natural for Libby to become a driving force for change.

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Perth’s declining rainfall and the urban heat island effect

Urban heat island

Is an urban heat island effect making the declining rainfall resulting from global warming even worse in Perth?

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Under the Hood with ReGen's Yvette Ogilvie

Yvette Ogivlie

Growing up in the Perth hills, @Yvette Ogilvie has embraced a sense of freedom for most of her life. But when COVID-19 hit, she found herself taking on a new challenge. Discover what drives Yvette in our ongoing series Under the Hood.

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Consequences of social media need our attention

Social media consequences

We don’t have to give social platforms unregulated access to young minds; or value free speech above truth, decency and democracy.

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