The ReGen Story

Our purpose is to create business value for our clients and maximise their positive social and environmental impact. We do this by making ESG easy, as well as enabling projects and services that positively impact people and planet.

The ReGen story

ReGen Strategic is an ESG and impact advisory

Our purpose is to create business value for our clients and maximise their positive social and environmental impact.

We do this by making ESG easy, as well as enabling projects and services that positively impact people and planet.

First established in 2011, we work with large, medium and small sized listed and privately owned businesses in sectors including mining, energy, health, property, manufacturing, primary industries, infrastructure and more. Our client base also includes local governments, government agencies, First Nations organisations and other not for profits.

Many of our clients have a strong positive impact on people and planet, doing incredible work in areas as diverse as renewable energy, carbon farming, carbon capture and usage, just transition, community resilience, health, education, diversity, inclusion and more. We are proud to support these organisations through our stakeholder engagement and strategic communication services, supporting their relationships with community, government, media, markets and industry.

Others want to get started on their ESG journey, recognising the importance of strong ESG performance to employee, customer and investor attraction and retention, as well as market access and overall brand and reputation. We help make the ESG journey easy for these clients, providing them with a sustainability service that can be tailored to every level of organisational maturity.

Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, ReGen’s 15-person multi-disciplinary consultant team offers advice across Australia, New Zealand and the Indian Ocean Rim. We look forward to helping you create business value and maximise your positive social and environmental impact.

You can download a copy of our company profile here.

An integrated offering

With equally strong, fully integrated capabilities in sustainability and ESG, stakeholder engagement and strategic communication, ReGen makes ESG easy for your organisation, and helps you deliver projects and services that positively impact people and planet.

Four key benefits of integration

1. Bringing people with you

Sustainability and ESG can sometimes appear complicated, with any number of ESG topics and acronyms making it difficult for organisations to know where to start. With a heritage in strategic communication, ReGen Strategic is highly skilled in simplifying complex issues and communicating them effectively. We’ll help you bring your internal stakeholders on the sustainability and ESG journey, and keep them engaged. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to solve all the world’s problems immediately. We’ll help you focus on the ESG topics most material to your business and your stakeholders. It’s better to do something than nothing, and we’ll help you get started.

2. Better stakeholder engagement

Strong sustainability and ESG performance is about delivering value for all stakeholders, including your shareholders. Engaging with shareholders, employees, customers, members, communities, government, regulators and other stakeholders is critical to the process of identifying the material sustainability and ESG topics you should be focusing on. With a rich history in stakeholder engagement, and exceptional networks, ReGen Strategic’s stakeholder engagement services can ensure your sustainability strategy and ESG reporting approaches meet and exceed stakeholder expectations.

3.Productive partnerships
Partnerships are critical to the achievement of sustainability and ESG objectives, as well as delivering projects and services that positively impact people and planet. This includes partnerships with government, where more funding and practical support are becoming available for organisations that align with government policy directions. This also includes partnerships with sustainable finance, with a growing pool of capital looking for investment opportunities with strong ESG performance and impact potential. With strong relationships at all levels of government and within the sustainable finance community, ReGen is well placed to facilitate conversations and identify win-win opportunities.

4. Avoiding greenwash
Growing pressure from investors, consumers, employees and regulators for organisations to disclose their performance on sustainability and ESG topics is now accompanied by growing oversight and scrutiny of the veracity of what organisations say (or don’t say). The risk of receiving a financial penalty from a regulator or being the subject of legal action is growing, along with the associated reputational risk. With a strong background in strategic communication, ReGen Strategic is ideally placed to ensure you avoid the risks of ‘greenwashing’ and take advantage of the opportunities transparency and accuracy provide to build trust with stakeholders.