Government Relations and Lobbying

As a lobbying and government relations firm, ReGen Strategic maintains strong bipartisan political networks at both the state and federal levels, developed through first-hand experience at all levels of government either working directly under MPs and ministers, at the senior levels of government departments and agencies or in policy development within the major political parties.

The Role of Lobbying

Lobbyists can enhance the strength of our democracy by assisting individuals and organisations with advice on public policy processes and facilitating contact with relevant government representatives.  As such, lobbying is accepted as an important and legitimate part of the political process.

Lobbying is sometimes undertaken directly by individuals and organisations with government.  However, often, individuals and organisations engage government relations firms to lobby government on their behalf.

Lobbying Services

Lobbying is a service provided to ReGen’s clients through our government relations service within our stakeholder engagement practice.  We see lobbying and government relations as critical to ensuring our clients can deliver projects and services that deliver positive social and environmental impact in a timely and cost-effective way.

Provided as a discrete service, or as part of a broader stakeholder strategy, our lobbying and government relations services draw on our trusted relationships at the local, state and federal levels to raise your organisation’s profile with government stakeholders while building understanding of your purpose and objectives.

General lobbying and government relations services include:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Stakeholder strategy
  • Meeting coordination
  • Meeting preparation
  • Policy analysis and advice
  • Development of briefing materials
  • Meeting attendance and participation
  • Logging content and outcomes from meetings
  • Government stakeholder event organisation
  • Government stakeholder follow-up
  • Ongoing strategic advice and feedback
  • Monthly government relations reporting 

Government relations and lobbying services

Lobbying Outcomes

As a mature and trusted government relations firm, we leverage our detailed knowledge of state, federal and international government policy to facilitate conversations that build relationships, find common ground and identify opportunities to access funding, win contracts and secure other practical support from government.

Our integrated capabilities in sustainability and ESG will also assist you in meeting the increasingly high standards government expects of organisations it partners with.

ReGen has significant additional experience in regulatory approvals across a range of sectors and industries that it draws upon to assist with the development of local, state and federal regulatory approval applications.  This includes emerging accelerated approvals pathways for renewables projects.

Over our 12-year history as a government relations and lobbying firm, ReGen has also worked with clients to change laws and secure important social reforms.

Lobbying Governance

ReGen is a registered as a lobbying firm with both the West Australian and Australian governments’ lobbyist registers, as well as the lobbyist registers of other state and territory governments.  It is a requirement of all lobbying firms to comply with government-driven legislative, regulatory and code of conduct requirements in the performance of government relations services. 

However, ReGen has also developed our own code of conduct and policy on lobbying and political donations to provide even stronger governance to our lobbying services, as well as confidence to both our clients and government stakeholders.

ReGen Strategic personnel are trained in International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) engagement principles and techniques.  We partner with Engagement Hub to provide best practice stakeholder engagement tracking and reporting as a part of our service.