Code of conduct


This Code of Conduct sets out the requirements of ReGEN Strategic and its associated entities (the Company) for behaviour in the workplace and in connection with work.

Scope of this Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all workers of the Company.

For the purposes of this Code of Conduct, the term ‘worker’ includes:

  • employees of the Company
  • contractors engaged by the Company, and
  • any employees of the contractors engaged by the Company.

This Code of Conduct applies to conduct in any of the Company’s ‘workplaces’ as defined below.

The Code of Conduct also applies to conduct on social media platforms where there is a connection to the Company’s workplace, or conduct using the Company’s IT (computer, email and internet) system, whether or not the conduct occurs during or outside of normal business hours. Please refer to and read this Code of Conduct in conjunction with the Company’s Prevention of Workplace Bullying Policy, Respect in the Workplace Policy, Social Media Policy and Acceptable Use of IT Policy.

Workers engaged by the Company must comply with this Code of Conduct at all times in the course of their engagement by the Company. However, this Code of Conduct does not form part of any person’s contract with the Company or create any enforceable rights or entitlements for them.

What is the workplace?

For the purposes of this Code of Conduct, ‘workplace’ means:

  • all workplaces and places where people carry out work activities of the Company
  • wherever workers or agents of the Company are performing the duties of their engagement (including vehicles and aircraft), and
  • wherever workers or agents of the Company are engaging in other activities during the course of their engagement or which are related to or in connection with their engagement with the Company.

The Company’s workplace extends outside the office to work activities including but not limited to activities undertaken at work-related social events and functions, and other events such as:

  • conferences
  • business and field trips
  • training programs, and
  • business or client functions.

whether or not these occur during or outside of normal business hours.

Code of Conduct

Ethical behaviour

You are required to:

  • be honest in the performance of your duties
  • maintain integrity and pride in the work that you do
  • not conceal or cover up errors or mistakes you have made
  • take responsibility for your decisions and actions, and
  • offer and provide any reasonable assistance your colleagues may require if they are struggling with their work.

Healthy Work Environment

You are required to:

  • comply with all environmental laws and regulations relevant to your job
  • maintain a neat and tidy workplace
  • minimise waste of energy and resources
  • advise the Managing Director if you are required to take medications which may interfere with your capacity to safely perform the inherent requirements of your job, and
  • not bring illegal substances into the workplace.

Corporate Image

You are required to:

  • display a professional image through your personal presentation and dress, and
  • behave in a way which makes the Company appear professional and a good corporate citizen.

Attendance for duty

You are required to:

  • attend work reliably and punctually
  • be ready to commence your duties on time
  • devote the entirely of your time at work to your duties and responsibilities
  • advise of your inability to attend work or any absence promptly and in accordance with our policies. You may be required to provide evidence in relation to any absences, and
  • not take unauthorised absences from duty.

Customer Service

You are required to:

  • apply the highest standards of quality customer service
  • attend to the needs of our customers promptly and enthusiastically
  • ensure every customer feels welcome and valued, and
  • maintain the confidentiality of information provided by our customers.

Courtesy and respect

You are required to:

  • treat everyone with whom you deal in the course of your work for the Company with dignity, courtesy and respect at all times
  • contribute to making our workplace one which respects and values individual and cultural differences
  • not engage in behaviour which humiliates, causes disadvantage, discomfort, embarrassment or offence to others
  • not use abusive or offensive language
  • respect the privacy and dignity of others and honour the confidentiality of information you are given
  • not engage in malicious or vexatious conduct
  • not engage in gossip or spreading of rumours
  • not engage in behaviour which isolates or socially excludes a person
  • not make repeated and unjustified criticisms of individuals, and
  • not engage in acts of violence or aggression towards any person.

Gifts and benefits

You are required to:

  • not offer, give, seek or appear to expect or accept a gift which could give rise to a conflict of interest
  • never accept a monetary gift in the course of your employment
  • only give or accept token, seasonal or special occasion gifts of low value
  • not accept gifts where they give rise to an obligation to the giver, and
  • immediately report any offers of monetary gifts to the Managing Director and Executive Chairman.

Corporate property and records

You are required to:

  • safeguard, correctly and efficiently use corporate property under your control
  • take proper care of all of the Company’s property and assets
  • not move or relocate any items without appropriate permission
  • promptly identify and report any items requiring repair, maintenance or replacement
  • return all property and records in your possession upon termination of your employment
  • ensure all records, declarations and statements you make are accurate, complete, honest and timely, and
  • not disclose or provide records to any person unless properly required or authorised to do so.

Breach of this Code of Conduct

If you breach this Code of Conduct (that is, by engaging in behaviour which is not consistent with your obligations under the Code of Conduct), you may be subject to disciplinary action. Depending on the circumstances, this may include the termination of your employment.