Government Partnerships - Sustainable Finance

Collaboration is key to achieving your sustainability and ESG objectives. And the opportunities to partner with government and sustainable finance are only growing.

To take advantage of these opportunities, the first steps are to develop your sustainability and ESG strategy and sustainability reporting approach.

ReGen can then leverage our strong relationships within state and federal governments, as well as our established relationships across Australia’s sustainable finance sector, to identify and pursue the opportunities that align with your strategy.

Government Partnerships

Governments are increasingly seeking strong sustainability and ESG performance through both their procurement processes and funding programs.

This is driven by government policy directions, such as commitments on net zero, biodiversity, modern slavery, Indigenous participation and diversity.  But it also reflects the increasing requirements of international capital markets for ESG reporting on the funds borrowed by government.

While this represents a risk to organisations that rely on government contracts and funding, and are not operating to high ESG standards, it represents an opportunity for those who can help governments achieve their policy priorities and are operating to high ESG standards themselves.

ReGen Strategic has a strong heritage in government relations and lobbying, with exceptional networks across both state and federal governments, as well as a strong understanding of government policy directions.  We are experienced in developing relationships and identifying opportunities for win-win outcomes.

Our integrated approach enables us to develop robust sustainability and ESG strategy and reporting, using this as an opportunity to engage with government and identify existing and emerging opportunities.

Plus, accelerated regulatory approvals are becoming available for projects that contribute to the energy transition and the fight against climate change.  Talk to us about how we can assist your project to access these emerging pathways.

Government partnerships sustainable finance

Sustainable Finance

The rapid growth in responsible and ethical investing is well documented, with trillions of dollars now under management.

Investors see strong ESG performance as essential to value creation and the delivery of long-term returns, in addition to being the right thing to do by people and planet.

However, the responsible and ethical investing landscape is multi-faceted, with a number of approaches utilised to guide investment strategies.

These include: 

  • the integration of ESG risks and opportunities into financial analysis and investment decisions, following detailed research and analysis;
  • impact investing, where investments are made to achieve positive social or environmental impacts, often in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and where shareholder rights are sometimes used to affect change; and
  • negative and positive screening, where decisions are made based on what a company does, where it is located, its size and various performance and standards criteria.

Increasingly, investors are performing their own due diligence and analysis on companies, rather than relying on ESG ratings agencies, and are looking for robust ESG strategy grounded in a rigorous materiality assessment.

They are also going beyond headline ESG data to understand the qualitative drivers behind the data and what it means for the future.

While ReGen Strategic is not qualified to provide financial advice, we have established relationships with many of the leading responsible and ethical funds in Australia and can identify the funds best suited to your opportunity 

And we can help you get your house in order with an ESG strategy and approach to reporting that will meet the needs to investors and set you up for success when subjected to due diligence.

It is important to note that stronger ESG rigour isn’t just required to raise capital.  Commercial lending applications for small- to medium-sized businesses, as well as not for profits, are increasingly being assessed for ESG risk.  ReGen offers a bespoke service that can help organisations of all sizes get investment ready, from a sustainability and ESG perspective.