Sustainability Consulting - ESG Strategy

There is a growing community, regulatory and investor expectation that organisations will collaborate with and create value for all their stakeholders.

Business leaders today recognise the potential this presents to create long-term value for shareholders, by mitigating risks and seizing opportunities to solve the world’s big problems.

They understand that strong sustainability and ESG performance is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do.  

But the sustainability and ESG landscape can sometimes appear complicated, leaving organisations not knowing where to start.

As a sustainability consultant in Perth, ReGen makes sustainability and ESG easy, helping organisations locally and around our region to develop a sustainability strategy that is integrated with their business strategy and operations, report on their ESG performance in alignment with global standards and partner with other organisations, including government and sustainable finance, in the pursuit of global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Developing a Strategy

ReGen's sustainability consultants understand that different organisations have different levels of maturity in sustainability and ESG.  As sustainable business consultants, we are experienced in supporting organisations wherever they are on their journey.

Board and executive education

Sometimes, the biggest challenge to developing a sustainability and ESG strategy is getting everyone on the same page.

Sustainability and ESG knowledge at the leadership level is a critical component of a company’s ESG maturity. To support this, our sustainability and ESG consultants provide concise educational briefings and workshops on the notions of sustainability and ESG, what this means for your organisation and what your journey may involve.

Our sustainability consultants commence with a simple question: “why?” - an unprompted and thought-provoking discussion on why a company wants to improve sustainability and ESG performance, as well as what they think this may entail.

These sustainability consulting briefings also build understanding of relevant ESG frameworks and standards that influence investment decisions and inform government regulations, including UN SDGs, ISSB, GRI and others. In addition, the briefings provide knowledge on the process of developing effective ESG strategies and reports.

With the leadership team better equipped with sustainability and ESG knowledge, the initial question of why is revisited to define the vision and purpose of your sustainability and ESG journey.

Maturity assessment

ReGen Strategic assesses your organisation’s current maturity and preparedness level against its sustainability and ESG vision and purpose.

To achieve this, a sustainability and ESG questionnaire is completed by your senior leadership team and other relevant members of the organisation.

Following this, ReGen's sustainability consultants conduct a desktop assessment of company documents and information and completes follow up interviews to substantiate the outcomes of the questionnaire.

Finally, a peer and competitor analysis is conducted to allow a benchmarking process.

A report is then delivered, capturing all of the above and providing key findings and recommendations for next steps.

Materiality assessment

ReGen’s then undertake a materiality assessment to help you identify, evaluate and prioritise the ESG-related topics that are most significant to your long-term value creation, as well as environmental and societal risks and opportunities. The outcomes of the materiality assessment are used to inform ESG strategy development.

Drawing on our extensive sustainability consulting experience in helping our clients engage with stakeholders including investors, customers, employees, communities, Traditional Owners, regulators, and politicians, ReGen Strategic conducts stakeholder mapping to ensure the needs and expectations of key internal and external stakeholders are considered.

Informed by the UN SDGs, GRI and SASB/ISSB standards, our sustainability consultants engage with your internal and external stakeholders to identify and prioritise the ESG topics that are most material to your organisation and stakeholders. 

The results of this engagement are distilled into a materiality map to identify the sustainability and ESG topics your organisation should prioritise to create maximum value and sustainability impact.

ReGen’s sustainability consultants also conduct annual reviews of existing materiality assessments to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

Sustainability Strategy


Informed by the outcomes of the materiality assessment, ReGen identifies the appropriate reporting standards and frameworks for your organisation, drawing on current and emerging international standards, local regulatory requirements, industry knowledge and peer benchmarking.

Through this, we identify the best metrics for your most material (priority) sustainability and ESG topics. There are a range of measures and metrics that can assist with reporting and using the right ones for your organisation and sector is important.

Our sustainability consultants then assess your existing data capability against the reporting metrics identified, to identify what data you are currently collecting and what the gaps are.

An assessment of your organisation’s current performance against the metrics is then made, along with recommendations on future data collection and management.


Building on the baseline, ReGen works with you to develop short-, medium- and long-term targets for the reporting metrics most appropriate for your organisation, as well as strategies for achieving those targets.

Informed by the maturity assessment, we identify the steps you need to take to embed sustainability and ESG into your business strategy and set you up for success.

We work with you to decide how and when to disclose your ESG strategy, priorities and targets to maximise engagement with stakeholders and build trust.

The result is a clear strategy and action plan to achieve your targets, with data collection and management practices fit for the metrics and reporting frameworks identified.  

ESG Reporting

ReGen provides an ESG reports and sustainability reporting service to present your data to global and industry standards, as well as bringing it to life with your stories, using language and messaging that effectively communicates, builds trust and avoids greenwashing.

Ongoing support and advice

The sustainability and ESG landscape is fast evolving, with ongoing changes to international reporting standards and frameworks, as well as regulatory requirements at both the state and national levels.

ReGen’s sustainability and ESG consultants are passionate about sustainability and ESG, working continuously to stay abreast of current developments and future directions, so that you don’t have to.

We look forward to working with you as your trusted sustainable business consultants, helping you navigate the ESG landscape to create business value and positively impact people and planet.