Community Engagement Consultants

ReGen Strategic's community engagement consultants understand the increasing importance of local communities to the reputation and social licence of organisations.

Using International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) principles and techniques as a guide, ReGen’s community engagement consultants work with your organisation to identify key communities and influential stakeholders. We then determine the appropriate level of engagement and manage delivery.

This can include facilitating opportunities for two-way communications with community members through community reference groups, meetings, information stands, a community mailbox, social media updates and town halls, where appropriate.

ReGen organises local community engagement events that showcase your organisation’s vision for the community while contributing to public life for locals and developing genuine relationships.

In delivering these events, ReGen prepares your organisation’s spokespeople to respond to community concerns and develops messaging that will effectively communicate your organisation’s point of view.

Community investment

With more than a decade of experience in the areas of social licence, corporate social responsibility and reputation management, ReGen’s community engagement consultants are highly skilled in the identification of potential partnerships and opportunities for community investment.

Partner organisations might include local chambers of commerce and industry, regional development commissions, unions, corporations, not for profits, Traditional Owners or local government bodies.

Community investment can include sponsorship of local events or sporting teams, contributions to environmental programs, provision of scholarships or funding for educational institutions.

Integrated offering

ReGen’s community engagement service can be provided as a discrete service, or as part of our broader stakeholder strategy offering. It can also form an important part of our materiality assessment offering within our sustainability and ESG practice.

ReGen’s community engagement services are supported by a range of our integrated strategic communication services, including communication strategy development, media relations and media training

Community engagement

Community campaigns

Over our 12-year history, ReGen’s community engagement consultants have worked with clients to deliver community campaigns to change laws and secure important social reforms.

This included coordinating the ground campaign for WA Says YES!, which secured the second highest state vote in favour of marriage equality at the 2017 plebiscite. It also included supporting Andrew Denton’s Go Gentle organisation in passing voluntary assisted dying through the West Australian parliament in 2019.

Community research

To ensure your organisation understands community priorities and their drivers, ReGen Strategic provides a range of options for quantitative and qualitative research, including polling, surveys, focus groups, workshops and more.

Each of these can provide valuable insights to inform community engagement activities and the development of broader stakeholder strategy. They can also be used to help develop messaging for media relations and other channels identified in the development of communication strategy.

Polling and surveys are tailored to target relevant community members, such as business owners and active community members, or a randomly generated sample of locals.

This is delivered online or live on the telephone with a mix of forced-choice and open-ended questions, as appropriate. The target number of responses sought can be adjusted to match your budget and needs. 

This can be followed up with focus groups generated from polling or survey respondents, or formed independently. Focus groups provide an in-depth understanding of community sentiment, while providing opportunities to test new ideas, initiatives or communications material.

Structured workshops leverage local knowledge to generate ideas or solutions, while also building understanding of community sentiment towards relevant issues.

These and other community research methods can be modified to suit the needs of your organisation to deliver credible insight into issues of concern and identify risks.