Media Training Perth

Looking to do media training in Perth? At ReGen Strategic, we understand that being interviewed by the media can be daunting, so we’ve designed a media training program to help you engage with the media better in order to get your messages across. As part of a broader strategic communication approach, media relations can be an effective communication tool, but if done wrong, it can cause reputational damage.

As a leading provider of media training in Perth, our team of award-winning journalists takes you on a journey to help you understand media better and will leave you well equipped to engage with media in a reactive or proactive context.

Getting Started

Our Perth media training programs begin with an overview of the current media landscape, what journalists consider to be news and the factors that influence the level of media attention a story receives, including timeliness, impact, scope, threat and uniqueness – and explain how you can leverage these factors to give your story greater prominence.

Proactive v Reactive Media

With a baseline understanding of news established, the media training moves onto the difference between the two main types of media engagement: reactive and proactive. Reactive media poses the greatest risk as the issue has come from outside your organisation, so our media training teaches you the essential principles of responding to reactive media, including being well-informed and timely. Reactive media also represents the greatest opportunities as a well crafted response can shape the reporting of an issue that has already attracted media interest.

Proactive media is more strategic in nature, and our media training covers the benefits and strategies of proactive media, which include shaping the message and setting the tone, having time to plan, offering exclusives and having a planned approach to the release.

Media Strategy

The media training then progresses to developing a media strategy for a story, including the details of executing the strategy and establishing what constitutes a successful result. As part of this, our media training teaches the principles of media protocol to help you create rules for responding to media enquiries or developing proactive stories.

Media Training

Interviewing Strongly

One of the main goals of a media strategy is to secure an interview with a journalist, so our media training has a strong focus on teaching the skills needed to interview strongly. The interview portion of our media training teaches you how to develop key messages, how to prepare for an interview, tips to perform well during the interview and what to do after the interview has finished.

As part of this, our media training outlines the different traditional media platforms and the optimal way to approach each. This is followed up by specific tactics you can use when responding to questions to ensure your key messages come across. The theory section of the interview portion of our media training concludes with a briefing on how journalists might try to catch you out and the techniques you can use to disarm these traps.

Finally, we run realistic simulations of both TV and radio interviews to give you an opportunity to put your new skills to the test and to improve retention of theory components. Using an issue identified prior to the media training session, we prepare a series of questions a journalist might ask to test how well you would respond to media scrutiny. These interviews are recorded so we can watch them back with you and provide analysis and feedback on where you can improve.

Cutting Through Guide

At the conclusion of media training, we send you our full Cutting Through guide for your reference, as well as the clips of your interviews for you to review.

ReGen’s media training service is provided as both a standalone service, and as a part of a broader communication strategy or media relations service.

If you're looking to do media training in Perth, please contact us today.