Aboriginal youths star in fresh health campaign

As Western Australia moves into another wave of COVID-19, it’s a timely reminder that there are still many vulnerable West Australians who are not vaccinated and at risk of falling seriously ill.

Unfortunately, there is still a concern for the Indigenous population, whose vaccination rate is lagging, particularly in regional areas.

The Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia (AHCWA) is the leading authority for Aboriginal health in our state. It acts on behalf of 23 Member Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services across the state, offering support, advocacy, and influence.

AHCWA’s vision is for Aboriginal people to enjoy the same level of health and wellbeing as all West Australians.

This month the Council has launched a video advertising campaign to target the younger generation of Indigenous West Australians. The campaign encourages the youth to get vaccinated against COVID to keep their mob safe and to continue to do the things they love.

The team travelled to different areas of the state to work with local children (not actors), to produce visually engaging and relatable content. It’s part of a much bigger ‘Don’t Hesitate Vaccinate!’ campaign by AHCWA

The video will be shown on regional television as well as across several social media and digital


Note, Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia is a client of ReGen Strategic.


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