Jennifer Dowdeswell

Associate Director, Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Jennifer Dowdeswell has more than 15 years of experience working in public relations, strategic communication and transformational change, nationally and internationally. She has significant expertise in developing and delivering complex stakeholder and community engagement strategies for high-profile, and sometimes controversial, projects.

Before joining ReGen Strategic, Jennifer consulted to BHP and worked for several years for Bankwest, where she delivered a number of successful internal culture and transformation programs, including a rebrand, a chief executive transition, a sensitive organisational restructure, and an agile transformation.

Prior to this, Jennifer spent five years in London, holding senior communications roles within the National Health Service (NHS) and at London Communications Agency. During this time, she worked with a range of prominent clients, including the Metropolitan Police, Mace Construction Group, Tesco Woolwich and several exciting regeneration projects.

Jennifer started her career working at an integrated communications agency in Perth providing holistic PR support for a complex tourism development, a major shopping centre chain, a healthcare clinic and a fashion festival.

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication) from Curtin University, majoring in PR and Journalism with a minor in Marketing.

In her spare time, she loves to consume other people’s content, whether that’s in a book, movie or online.