Ten years of CGM

We’re interrupting our regularly scheduled blogging to talk about one of our least favourite topics, ourselves.

As a communications firm, we’re used to telling the stories of others. But, as a consultancy, we rarely have time to take a breath before we move from one success to the next challenge. Celebrating our wins and telling our own story take a back seat. Our clients are always our priority.

But, with the celebration of our 10th birthday, we have taken a little time to reflect and to celebrate what we’ve achieved as a team and as a business. To think about our purpose and where we want to go next.

Our staff tell us that the most important reasons they like working at CGM are that they get to make a difference in the work that they do, they love the diversity of our clients and they love working alongside other high-performing staff, getting experience and exposure across our multi-disciplinary offering.

Making a difference at CGM means helping people grow their businesses and build stronger communities. It means ensuring everyone’s voice is heard when big decisions are being made or public opinion is being formed. It means bringing people together, finding common ground and helping people work together for the benefit of our state and country.

Over 10 years, we’ve been able to do this across almost every sector of the economy, representing the interests of industry, their employees, and the community organisations that support them.

And we’ve been able to play roles in delivering incredible social reforms, such as marriage equality and voluntary assisted dying.

In this environment, every day is different and rewarding. You never quite know what’s around the corner. But you know, that when you have a good day, real people benefit.

It takes a village to build a business, and we have many people to be thankful to for getting us to 10 years. Our clients, who put their trust in us. Then, all of the talented people who have worked with us over the years. It’s very humbling to have had incredibly accomplished people like Rebecca Boteler, Rebecca Munro, Stuart Crockett, Victoria Green, Simon Ward, Jen Dowdeswell, Anwen Pattinson and Sara Willis-Jones put their faith in us. And it’s a privilege to nurture some of the best young talent in the market.

But, everyone who has worked at CGM over the years has made a contribution and left us a better business. While sad, it’s always rewarding to see them depart, hopefully having learned a few things, and taking up exciting opportunities elsewhere. The business wouldn’t be what it is today without any of them.

Mention must also be made of the journalists who take our stories, the government officials who engage with us, and the members of the community who listen to what we say and trust us with their opinions.

Having quality partners in research and production has also been critical.

On a personal level, I am much indebted to my fellow Director, Anthony Fisk. While the business achieved a lot in its first six years, having Anthony on board over the past four years has been critical to our growth. We’re like-minded enough to share a vision and different enough to challenge each other. I couldn’t wish for a better business partner.

Going forward, the quality of our team gives us plenty of options. Building our emerging trade and investment communications practice, further developing our community engagement offering and growing our federal government engagement practice will be key focuses. As will doing our bit to progress the environmental, social and governance journey we’re all on together.

Thanks for indulging this little bit of self-reflection. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled blogging next week.


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