WA Labor: The Next Generation

On the sporting field, depth is the key to sustained success.

As AFL seasons wear on, the teams that can cover injuries with quality players often rise to the top.  It’s no different in cricket, as we saw with the Indian team in the recently completed test series against Australia.

Second term governments often lose their way, with a key contributing factor being the people they bring in to replace retiring members not having the skills or, perhaps more importantly, the experience to deliver to the same standard.

Which is what make the six new faces being talked about as new members of the second term McGowan Cabinet so noteworthy.   Those of us who have had experience engaging with them feel each would be ready to hit the ground running, if they get the opportunity.

For background, the Premier has to find three new Ministers to replace the retiring Ben Wyatt, Fran Logan and Mick Murray.  If, as expected, the retiring speaker Peter Watson is replaced from within the ranks of the first term Ministry, the Premier has to find a fourth new Minister.  With Morley MLA Amber-Jade Sanderson considered a certainty to receive a Ministry, her current position of Cabinet Secretary will also need to be filled.

So, there are five positions up for grabs, and six names talked about.  This includes Ms Sanderson, as well as Don Punch , Reece Whitby, John Carey, Alanna Clohesy and Tony Buti.

We’ve put together this document to introduce you to WA Labor’s next generation.  We haven’t attempted to predict which portfolios they may receive, but we’re expecting to see a significant reshuffle of portfolios, given the number of positions set to open up at the senior end.

As always, CGM is here to assist our clients understand the policies and personalities that will drive government during the new term, as well as identifying opportunities for collaboration in the public interest.

We hope you find this document useful.

Labor's Next Generation

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