Amplify your media results with social media

amplify media results

A lot of time and effort goes into preparing a media release. Sometimes this release will get picked up by the media and other times it won't. Regardless of the outcome, your digital channels are always available to amplify your media efforts.

Media coverage enhances your brand's credibility by offering the perspective of an independent source. But the story doesn't need to end with the audience of the news outlet that covered it, your social media channels are ideal for sharing this content, helping you build connection and credibility directly with your audience.

After receiving media coverage, you should develop a strategy as to how you go about sharing this to your own channels. This could include:

  • Sending an email newsletter
  • Uploading the media coverage to your website
  • Posting on relevant social media platforms
  • Encouraging employees to engage and share the news

When sharing the coverage on social media, take the opportunity to thank the journalist and media organisation who covered your story through the use of tags. Not only will this expand the post's reach and engagement, but it will also cultivate a stronger relationship with the journalist for future collaborations.

Additionally, ask your staff members to like, comment and share the post to their own platforms to broaden its reach.

Encourage employees to add their personal insights or experiences related to the coverage, as this can make the posts more relatable and engaging for their connections. By doing so, you can leverage their networks to increase visibility and engagement.

By taking these steps, you can foster a more engaged audience, which could in turn attract journalists' attention for more media coverage in the future.

It's common for journalists to select the most appealing parts of your media release, leaving some quotes or information unused.

Social media provides you with an opportunity to give a more comprehensive update.  You could add unused content on to your post sharing the media coverage, or you may choose to do an entirely separate post.

If your media release included a case study, then it is a natural fit for your digital channels. Social media audiences love anything to do with people and repurposing any unused quotes from a case study is a great way to engage your audience and humanise your brand.

Although the primary objective of your release may have been to secure coverage in the news, your efforts don't need to go to waste if your story was not selected.

Your media release can still act as an important source of information to provide an official company update to your audience. You may choose to:

  • Upload the entire release to your website
  • Distribute it via an email newsletter
  • Publish it on social media

To make your release more social media orientated, it is best to break up your release into more digestible content. You could pair this information with a relevant photo or video, or you could also share a link to the full update on your website.

Alternatively, LinkedIn offers an article feature which is more suited towards longer form content. If posting your media release through this option, you also have the opportunity to embed photos and videos.

Company updates are typically the best performing posts on social media, so repurposing your press release is a great opportunity to further connect with your audience.

While it is great to maximise your media efforts, it is also important to remember your overarching objectives.

Increased engagement and following mean nothing if it doesn't translate to your business's overall goals. Before posting anything, it's important to sit down and consider what you are hoping to achieve with your social media presence.

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