Crisis Communication Consultants

ReGen Strategic’s crisis communications practice provides organisations with the tools and resources to avoid issues escalating, as well as dealing with crises appropriately and effectively when they do arise.

With a breadth of experience in dealing with crises inside major Australian organisations, our senior team uses best-practice models to ensure our clients:

  • are kept abreast of issues as they emerge;
  • respond quickly using the ‘3 Cs of crisis’ (care, control and commitment); and
  • have expert advice during a crisis to help protect their brand; and rehabilitate their brand after a crisis.

Our services include:

  • Media monitoring and issue scanning
  • Issues identification and responses
  • Risk profiling and planning
  • Crisis communication plans
  • Escalation framework, including approvals and notifications
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Key messages
  • Playbooks with scenario specific templates, Q&As and draft releases
  • Crisis management simulations
  • Social media policy and approach
  • Media strategy and management
  • Senior counsel for strategic advice during a crisis