Colin Davies

General Manager, Sustainability and ESG

Colin Davies is an environmental scientist and ESG professional with over 15 years of diverse experience in resources, infrastructure and industrial projects across Australia, Europe and South-East Asia. As General Manager, Colin leads our Sustainability and ESG practice.

One of the key strengths Colin brings to the position is his ability to develop effective and strategic solutions to environmental and social issues and communicate these to a wide range of stakeholders.  

His knowledge on the application of ESG/sustainable development principles and safeguards stems from more than a decade as an independent reviewer, auditor and technical specialist for due diligence and compliance assessments of new and expanded developments. This experience has given Colin specialist knowledge of International Finance Institutions’ (IFI) Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability, Equator Principles and ISO14001. During this time, Colin has worked on a range of high capital investment projects for some of the world’s leading international financial institutions including the World Bank, International Finance Corporation and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

His skillset also includes materiality assessments, ESG strategy, frameworks and reporting across a range of sectors.

Prior to joining ReGen Strategic, Colin has held the positions of Principal Consultant / Scientist, General Manager and Executive Manager for a number of reputable local and international environmental and social consultancies. 

Colin’s ESG and sustainable development experience is underpinned by a Master of Science in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. Colin is also an Exemplar Global Certified Lead Environmental Auditor and has completed a plethora of statutory legal compliance audits.