Social Impact Assessment Consultants

A thorough social impact assessment can add significant value to project developments, by identifying risks, as well as the potential for cost escalations and time delays. And, underpinned by strong stakeholder engagement, a social impact evaluation can also assist developers to enhance their relationships with stakeholders and build trust.

At ReGen Strategic, we bring together strong technical regulatory experience with extensive experience in stakeholder engagement, to provide a genuine alternative in the delivery of social impact assessments and social impact management plans.

Purpose of a social impact assessment

The purpose of conducting a social impact assessment is to identify and assess the potential social impacts (positive and negative) associated with a project, as well as identify fit-for-purpose measures to manage and mitigate impacts where necessary.

Management and mitigation measures, along with monitoring requirements, are often captured in a Social Impact Management Plan.

A social impact evaluation builds on local knowledge and utilises participatory processes to analyse the concerns of interested and affected parties. Best practice involves stakeholders in the assessment of social impacts, the analysis of alternatives and monitoring.

Meeting the needs of regulators

Across Australia, major developments are required to perform social impact assessments as a part of their environmental approvals. This includes in Western Australia, when a proposal is submitted to the Environmental Protection Authority as a significant proposal under Part IV of the Environmental Protection Act 1986, and when ‘social surroundings’ is one of the key environmental factors.

While project proponents may choose to perform a social impact evaluation for risk management and stakeholder relationship purposes, social impact assessments performed by ReGen Strategic also meet the requirements of regulators in Western Australia and across the country.

Social Impact Assessment

Our approach

ReGen Strategic’s social impact assessment consultants employ the following five-step methodology.

Screening and scoping – confirmation of impacts that are likely to occur within the project’s Area of Influence and should be considered further in the social impact assessment, and identification of impacts not likely to occur and to be omitted.

Baseline – collation and analyses of information to understand the local social context. It describes the existing social environment, including conditions and trends relevant to the potential impacts identified.

Stakeholder engagement – inclusive, respectful, and meaningful engagement about the project and its potential social impacts. It provides insight into what people value and how they expect the project to affect them.

Impact assessment – evaluation of the social impacts of the project. An iterative process of positive and negative, direct, indirect and cumulative impacts in accordance with industry best practice.

Management and mitigation measures – identification of management and mitigation measures to avoid and/or minimise the negative impacts of the project in accordance with the mitigation hierarchy. Typically outlined in a Social Impact Management Plan, that also outlines the process to engage with stakeholders as the project progresses. ReGen can further provide ongoing assistance with the implementation of the plan.

Why we are different

ReGen’s technical team has a unique blend of skilled practitioners who are well versed in national and international Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, regulatory approvals, stakeholder engagement, government relations and strategic communications. Our team members have practical experience delivering ESIA projects aligned to the sustainability frameworks of international financial institutions.

Through this, we assist our clients to understand the social context in which they currently or propose to operate, develop and maintain meaningful stakeholder relationships and identify, assess and manage the impacts associated with the project to enable your social licence to operate.

At ReGen, we have put together a team of social impact assessment consultants that is unique in the market and will guide you throughout the process.