Cost-of-living pressure on Dutton’s nuclear choice

Nuclear energy may cost more

Nuclear energy has a role in the global fight against climate change, but cost is likely to be its biggest barrier in wind, solar and critical-minerals-rich Australia.

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How to avoid common mistakes in media interviews

Common mistakes

Listed companies have to be careful not to break any rules or regulations whenever they make a public statement and this is doubly so when dealing with media. Knowing where you can go wrong and how to steer clear of common mistakes is crucial.

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Stunts won’t improve corporate sustainability performance

Corporate sustainability performance

Instead of turning the community off with extreme protests, climate activists should focus on harnessing the strong community preferences for sustainable corporate behaviour that already exist.

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Cyber Security in ESG


Does your business treat cyber security as just an IT issue, or does protecting your customers’ data get the same attention as physical security for your offices and homes? Significant breaches from major corporations like Optus and Medibank show that org

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Separating the Voice and Aboriginal cultural heritage debates

Aboriginal cultural heritage act and the Voice

While I understand the confusion, we need to separate fact from fiction in the conflated debates over the new Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act and proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

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Why your company might need a media relations specialist

Media specialists

What companies say (or don’t say) about their green credentials can put them at risk of being accused of greenwashing, even if they have done nothing wrong. If you’re being tried in the court of public opinion, having a media relations expert in your corn

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ACCC greenwashing guidance worth a read


If you haven’t wrapped your head around the concept of greenwashing, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission published a useful resource last week. And with penalties of up to $50 million a risk for companies that do the wrong thing, it is wort

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Progress needed on critical minerals emissions

Critical minerals

While the critical minerals industry has a big role to play in progressing the energy transition and fighting climate change, it will need to curb its own emissions to fully realise this potential.

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Be prepared: what to do before a media interview

preparing for interview

Could you summarise your sustainability performance for the public in a 20-second soundbite? It’s a daunting prospect, but one that will be increasingly necessary as the mainstream media increases its focus on environmental and social issues and calls on

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Australia must accelerate on electric vehicles

Electric vehicle

Australia is a long way behind the rest of the world on electric vehicle take-up, and it is time we caught up.

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