Politicians need greenwashing scrutiny too

If corporate Australia is subject to regulatory scrutiny over the veracity of our net zero claims, shouldn’t our politicians be too?

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Inaugural IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards Expected by Q2 2023

The standards around sustainability disclosures are evolving rapidly and it can seem like every other day there’s some update or other. But ReGen Strategic’s Colin Davies explains why February 16 has set the landscape for sustainability disclosures for th

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Native forests critical to biodiversity and climate action


Given the importance of our native forests to biodiversity and storing carbon, industry needs to ask itself three questions when considering new activity that involves the clearing of native forest habitat. Is it really needed? Can it be done elsewhere?

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Future mining workforce critical to energy transition

A massive ramp-up in mining is needed to deliver the energy transition. But the industry won’t get the human capital or community acceptance it needs to do this, unless it effectively communicates its role in transition, while operating to high environmen

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Perth rides orange e-scooter wave into sustainable future

Is there anything Australians love more than their cars? E-scooter rental company Neuron Mobility is challenging that notion with a trial of an affordable, low-polluting alternative in Perth. There’s a long way to go, but the flashy orange e-scooters set

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Boardrooms and c-suites must wakeup to greenwashing risks


The key to avoiding greenwashing is for companies to eliminate the gap between what they say and what they do, accepting that the requirement for sustainability disclosure and the scrutiny of the information disclosed will only grow.

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More women in mining can help narrow WA's gender pay gap

mining and the gender pay gap

Increased female participation in mining would give the industry access to a broader pool of human capital and help narrow WA’s gender pay gap, which remains the highest in Australia.

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Conspiracy theorists weaponised against climate action

If only proponents of the 15-minute city conspiracy theory realised how much they were arguing against their own interests.

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Fun approach to acknowledgements of Country sparks genuine change

Like a cover version of a hit song can help a classic reach a new audience, Acknowledge This! founders Rhys Paddick and Emma Gibbens are giving the acknowledgement of Country ‘script’ a facelift through workshops and presentations across the country.

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Big challenges, but big prizes on offer in hydrogen race