Under the Hood with ReGen's Anthony Fisk

Anthony Fisk

Anthony Fisk loves a challenge and along his career journey he has faced plenty. A lover of new experiences, Anthony is more excited than ever to see ReGen set forth on its sustainability offering.

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Nickel and batteries are vital strategic industries


We need Anthony Albanese to do for nickel production and future battery manufacturing what Tony Abbott failed to do for our car industry.

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Under the Hood with ReGen's Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

From Bunbury to the big smoke, Daniel Smith’s life journey was built on mentorship, bonds and an entrepreneurial spirit. With a view to delivering a better world for his daughters, Daniel’s sights are firmly set on the horizon.

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What do you mean when you say woke


If someone calls you woke, ask them what they’re really saying. If they’re not prepared to answer, perhaps they shouldn’t be throwing the term around in the first place.

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What is a materiality assessment?

Materiality assessment

To ensure your sustainability strategy creates business value and maximises sustainability impact, start by undertaking a robust stakeholder-driven materiality assessment.

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We need to talk about adaptation

Climate change adaptation

Suburban bushfires in spring, 45 degrees and freak storms in summer. We need to talk about adaptation to climate change.

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Make people the focus of your media pitch

People in focus

The biggest news stories are defined by the people at the heart of them – the faces and images that stick in people’s memories. Learn how to harness this when trying to secure media coverage our latest Media Masterclass session.

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Inequality drives distrust in political system

Stage 3 tax cuts

Growing income and wealth inequality in industrialised economies like Australia over the last 50 years has been a much bigger driver of distrust in the system, than broken promises.

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On pain and politics

Donald Trump, pain and politics

With many formerly industrialised communities lacking in jobs, and employment the only pathway to decent health care, I can understand why poor health and pain were such good predictors of the Trump vote in the 2016 US presidential election.

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Reconciling global and local gas supply projections

Woodside’s Scarborough gas development

Most of us agree on the urgency of the climate crisis and the need to get out of fossil fuels as quickly as possible. But, every economy will have a different pathway to net zero. And, given our unique role in supplying the mineral needs of the global en

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