Imagine if the No vote was directed at you

Voice no vote

I’m voting Yes because a No vote would be a continuation of the we-know-best approach that has got us to where we are today. And because I know how I’d feel if the No vote was directed at me.

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The difficult topic of nuclear energy and climate change

Climate change and nuclear energy

In wind, solar and gas rich WA, we shouldn’t need nuclear to achieve our energy security and climate change goals. But, there will be a growing global market for our uranium, in the existential fight against climate change.

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Could shy Yes supporters swing Voice vote?

Voice referendum

Could the tone and content of No campaigners be intimidating Yes supporters into keeping their thoughts to themselves? If so, I hope they find their voice on referendum day.

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Amnesty highlights global ESG risks from critical minerals rush

Critical minerals ESG risks

The mining industry can’t rely upon the positive purpose of supplying the energy transition, alone. In addition, it must be seen to operate to high ESG standards in pursuit of that purpose.

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Giving voice to misinformation and disinformation

Voice misinformation disinformation

As we’ve seen with Brexit and Trump, misinformation and disinformation divide countries and deliver outcomes that hurt, more than help, ordinary people. The debate over the Voice referendum is another unfortunate example of this.

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Book your organisation’s Voice forum now

Voice referendum webinar

We’re offering a one-hour engagement education webinar to assist organisations provide their employees with the information they need to make an informed choice at the upcoming referendum.

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Understanding intergenerational differences the smart thing to do

Intergenerational differences

With millennials and Gen Zs comprising 40 per cent of adult Australia and rising fast, future-facing politicians, consumer brands, employers and sporting codes are working hard to understand what this means for them.

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Diversity and inclusion critical to cricket’s survival

Cricket diversity inclusion

Rather than being dismissed as ‘woke’, diversity and inclusion should be embraced as good business by any sporting code looking for participants, performance and spectators, not to mention government and corporate dollars, which will increasingly go to sp

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The question you to need to ask before developing a media strategy

Media objectives

Before engaging with media, organisations first need to ask themselves a simple question: what do they want to achieve with their media coverage? In our latest Media Masterclass session, Rebecca Boteler shows how the answer to that question is the key to

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Premier’s energy transition summit must address the big challenges

Roger Cook

To make a real difference, Roger Cook’s summit must tackle the challenges of the clean energy transition, and engage with the community, so that they are just as excited as industry at the opportunities ahead.

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