Delivering effective key messages to media

Key messages for media

Knowing what you want to say to media and knowing how to say it best are two different challenges. The right key messages can be the difference between staying on track and going off the rails in a media interview or press conference.

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Culture wars put our kids at risk

Culture wars

News that a nine-year-old girl was accosted and accused of being trans by an irate parent at a Canadian little athletics meet last week reminds us of the dangers of the culture wars.

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Media training and why you need it

Getting media coverage of your organisation or issue is invaluable, but an unprepared interview subject can do more harm than good. But with the right media training, you can use media coverage to shape public opinion and get your message heard.

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Climate justice could top Voice agenda

What we can expect from Roger Cook, as Premier

What sort of premier will Roger Cook be? Daniel Smith shares his thoughts here.

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We need to listen to First Nations people on the Voice

Uluru statement and the Voice

Given 243 out of the 250 First Nations leaders present at the 2017 Uluru convention endorsed the Uluru Statement from the Heart, which called for, “the establishment of a First Nations Voice enshrined in the Constitution”, shouldn’t we listen?

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Climate action and economic wellbeing go hand in hand

With young people worried they won’t be able to afford more sustainable consumer choices because of the cost-of-living crisis, we need to walk and chew gum at the same time on climate action and the economy.

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Sport a proven force for good in politics

Sport played an important role in ending white minority rule in South Africa, and fostering early national unity in the post-Apartheid era.

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Do sustainable services require GST reform?

With the federal budget projected to return to substantial deficit within two years, and most Australian states and territories also in deficit, GST reform may be a conversation we have to have.

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Do ESG efforts create value?

The link between ESG performance and higher profit was reinforced by a recent study of more than 100,000 companies, but some organisations will be asking if ESG targets are really worth pursuing. If the success of Australian miner IGO is any guide – the a

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